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Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America

Nathan Winograd
ISBN: 0979074304, Paperback - 16.95 BUY

Redemption is the story of animal sheltering in the United States, a movement that was born of compassion and then lost its way. It is the story of the 'No Kill' movement, which says we can and must stop the killing. But most of all, it is a story about believing in the community and trusting in the power of compassion.

One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter

Diane Leigh, Marilee Geyer
ISBN: 0972838708, Paperback - BUY

The collaborative effort of former animal shelter workers and animal rights activists Diane Leigh and Marilee Geyer, One At A Time: A Week In An American Animal Shelter is a true account of seven days in an animal shelter, featuring profiles of the pets taken in during that span of time. Presenting the truth of life and death in an animal shelter in unvarnished, uncompromising terms, and featuring black-and-white photographs as well as the stories of the canines and felines taken in, One At A Time is an emotionally moving and profound piece recommended to the attention of anyone who has every been graced with the company of an animal companion -- or who would like to be.

Best Friends: The True Story of the World's Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary

Samantha Glen, Mary Tyler Moore
ISBN: 0613915151, Hardcover - BUY
ISBN: 1575667355, Paperback - BUY

The largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the country, Best Friends houses between 1,800 and 3,000 creatures--from dogs, rabbits and birds to sheep, pigs and horses--75% of which are adopted and many of which have special needs. Located on 3,000 acres in Angel Canyon (formerly Kanab), Utah, the shelter was founded in 1982 by several friends. This is the story of their efforts to execute their grand plan, from locating an appropriate piece of land to building various shelters, taking in ever growing numbers of abused and abandoned animals, finding a reliable veterinarian and raising the funds needed to keep their huge project afloat. Not quite as wonderful as its subject, the book gets bogged down in extraneous details and the introduction of numerous secondary characters. Readers curious about the practical side of this endeavor may find it frustrating that, in the first half of the book, it's not clear how the sanctuary supported hundreds of animals and its staff of a dozen or more; only later do we learn of generous donors, fund-raising efforts, the beginning of Best Friends' excellent magazine and the sanctuary's canvassing efforts. Still, readers drawn in by the authors' 25-city radio tour and 20-city television campaign will find distinctive, memorably drawn portraits of many animals--such as Tomato, the head cat of the TLC Club and the main source of local gossip for Best Friends magazine editor Michael Mountain.

Bad Cat: 244 Not-So-Pretty Kitties And Cats Gone Bad

Jim Edgar
ISBN: 0761136193, Paperback - BUY

Not since Kliban has there been a cat book this edgy. Edgy as in Bosco, the demonic Siamese with the out-of-focus eyes, razor-sharp fangs, and his own idea of Feng Shui. Or the half-shaved freak named Mr. Fliegel, who looks like a cross between a poodle and a lion. Mr. Fliegel shrugs and says, "Chicks dig me." Or Kato, resplendent in his Three Musketeers outfit: "One for all, blah blah blah . . . now just get me out of this @#%&ing costume!" Or Clark, whose hobby is eating other cats' food. Tina, who somehow always just misses the litter box . . . sucker. And the guilty-looking Clarence, caught with a Barbie doll in flagrante delicto. Clarence's defiant defense: "She was naked when I came in. . . ."

Bridging the Bond: The Cultural Construction of the Shelter Pet

Tami L. Harbolt
ISBN: 1557532605, Hardcover - BUY

Cast either as necessary evils or benevolent havens, animal shelters are as frequently reviled as they are revered, largely because of a dearth of information and a wealth of innuendo about what actually transpires behind their doors. Inspired by her personal experiences with rescue dogs and background as a shelter volunteer, Harbolt records a scholarly yet sensitive study of animal shelters, humane societies, and rescue leagues, rendering an objective and informed insight into the animal welfare movement. To better understand this complex and sometimes controversial interspecies relationship, Harbolt conducted in-depth interviews with dedicated shelter volunteers and employees and adamant activists to reveal the setbacks and successes inherent in their mission--and even "talked" with abandoned animals themselves. An informed analysis of several national and local imperatives provides a sociological and cultural overview from both historical and contemporary viewpoints. Part memoir, part ethnography, Harbolt's investigation sheds valuable light on an emotional and often contentious subject by examining with compassion and equanimity the bond that exists between man and beast.

Cats For Dummies

Gina Spadafori
ISBN: 0762413603, Hardcover - BUY
ISBN: 0764552759, Paperback - BUY

If you own a cat or are considering cat ownership, Cats for Dummies is the one book you really must have. This educational, comprehensive, and entertaining book is probably the closest you'll get to a cat "owners' manual."

Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook

Delbert G. Carlson, James M. Giffin
ISBN: 0876057962, Hardcover - BUY

All cat owners wish that their pets really did have nine lives. Now, with this newly revised and expanded edition of Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, the one life cats do have can be made longer and happier. Virtually every problem that owners will encounter is dealt with in language that teaches everyone how to cope with and prevent those unpleasant surprises. Part of the cat's mystique is a uniquely curious nature. This innate curiosity can create many dangerous situations and unwelcome consequences. This book, a classic in its first edition, has been updated to include the very latest solutions to the daily occurances and special problems in all phases of cat care, including behavior and training. Yes, training! Now, in clear and simple terms, symptoms are identified and thorough instructions are given so that with this book, owners can become the best friends their cats can have in a lifetime.

Disposable Animals: Ending the Tragedy of Throwaway Pets

Craig Brestrup
ISBN: 0965728595, Paperback - BUY

Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats, and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter

Elizabeth Hess
ISBN: 0151003378, Hardcover - BUY
ISBN: 015601288X, Paperback - BUY

For some people, animal shelters seem dark, desperate places. All terrified barks and frightened hisses, the shelter is the last stop for many an animal on what has too often been a painful journey. For others, the shelter is a place of hope, where the perfect dog or cat waits to be adopted. In her time spent volunteering at the Columbia-Greene Humane Society, author Elizabeth Hess discovered that shelter life couldn't be defined in such simple terms. In this "subterranean animal culture," life is a "complex mix of people and animals, emotion and ideology ... where life and death decisions are made as regularly as coffee."

Out of Harm's Way: The Extraordinary True Story of One Woman's Lifelong Devotion to Animal Rescue

ISBN: 0671522779, Hardcover - BUY
ISBN: 0671522787, Paperback - BUY

Since 1983, Crisp has devoted herself to saving animals during natural and man-made disasters. From her early volunteer work with the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley, helping stranded pets during local San Francisco Bay area floods and fires, to her recent full-time job as director of Emergency Animal Rescue Services (a nationwide Red Crosstype program for animals), Crisp's dedication and determination are undaunted. During her first rescue mission, Crisp learned first-hand how to aid animals during a flood. Among the 100 animals she helped save were a drowning puppy she clutched from the floodwater, a stranded 300-pound hog, and a cat locked inside a washing machine in a house with the water waist-high. The experience changed her life forever, and she vowed not only to make herself available to help whenever needed but to create something she discovered was sorely lacking--a nationwide animal rescue plan that could be followed during any catastrophe. Over the years, Crisp's work has expanded from local emergencies to national ones. She spent six months organizing clean-up efforts for seabirds and otters after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, helped place innumerable homeless animals after Florida's Hurricane Andrew, and set up animal relief services during the devastating St. Charles flood in Missouri. An appendix lists invaluable tips for safeguarding your own dogs, cats, birds, and horses during a disaster. Crisp's highly personalized accounts of daring rescues, incredible volunteer efforts, and the bonds of tenderness that form between humans and animals are quite touching.

Rainbow Bridge, A True Story About Rescue Cats

Susan Cylik
ISBN: 1844012700, Paperback - BUY

'Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them who they have left behind.' When Susan Cilyk finally reaches Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with her four-legged friends, what a welcome she'll receive from the menagerie of cats who've shared her life! For fifteen years Susan has opened her home (and heart) to a procession of felines: from the elusive Katy to the coffee-loving Twinkle, from Thomas with his cauliflower ears to Posey with her plastic string 'comfort blanket', they are all here, recalled with astonishing clarity and humour; gone from Susan's life, but never from her heart.

The Cat Lover's Survival Guide

Karen Commings
ISBN: 0764115766, Paperback - BUY

Here is "must reading" for first-time cat owners--though everybody who loves cats will find helpful information in these pages. Included are strategies for protecting feline friends from household hazards and humane ways to correct undesirable habits. Specific advice covers managing the litter box, dealing with hair balls, finding a lost cat, furniture alternatives to dissuade clawing, gardening with a cat in the yard, dealing with a cat's disabilities as it ages, and much more. Amusing line art.

The Cat Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice On Lifetime Maintenance

David Brunner et al.
ISBN: 1931686874, Paperback - BUY

The Dog Who Rescues Cats: The True Story of Ginny

Philip Gonzalez
ISBN: 0060927801, Paperback - BUY

This poignant canine memoir recounts the story of Ginny, a Long Island dog with a remarkable ability to seek out and rescue homeless cats. Simple but delightful, the story is narrated from the perspective of Ginny's owner, Philip Gonzalez. Badly disabled in an industrial accident, Gonzalez quickly fell into a downward spiral of despair. His saving grace arrived in the form of a small, scruffy grey dog. Ginny quickly provided Philip with a focus in life: cats--hundreds of them. Each chapter recounts Ginny's amazing rescues of helpless felines. Particularly heartwarming is the image of Ginny running across broken glass to reach a kitten in distress. As Ginny saved cats, Philip housed them, and soon his life was taken over by the creatures--many disabled or disfigured. The Dog Who Rescues Cats is packed with touching photographs of Ginny and her feline family.

Cats at the Campground

Ben Baglio
ISBN: 0439343933, Paperback - For Kids BUY

Mandy and James have discovered a stray cat and her kittens behind old Wilfred Bennett's house. But the next time they visit, she's moved her family into a trailer on Sam Western's campsite! Sam Western has no patience for animals -- particularly cats. If Mandy and James can't tempt the cats out of the trailer, Sam Western will handle them himself. Can Mandy save the cat and her kittens in time?

Animal Ark #01 : Kittens In The Kitchen

Ben Baglio
ISBN: 059018749X, Paperback - For Kids BUY

The daughter of the village veterinarian is determined to find homes for a litter of kittens born to the school cat. An especially sensitive and compassionate girl, she cannot tolerate the thought of the kittens being put to death by the school caretaker.

Animal Ark #13 : Kitten In The Cold

Ben Baglio
ISBN: 0439096987, Paperback - For Kids BUY

Young Alex Hastings is very ill, and must travel to America for an operation. When her beloved kitten disappears into the snowy countryside, Mandy and James vow to find it before Alex leaves on her trip.